Our very own Tyler Cerny, Owner/President, was interviewed by Ron Jolly this morning on WTCM.  Each month Ron Jolly is showcasing a local Manufacturer, highlighting what they produce, how many people they employ and other interesting facts.  Rob Summers from NMC Training Services was also on the air this morning. We have utilized NMC Training Service in particular the LEAN Manufacturing.  This service helps an organization understand and develop processes that will increase productivity as well as produce less waste, both time and material.  Before this process it took us 3-4 days to produce a cabinet from start to finish now we have it down to less than one day!

Here is the link to the interview.     https://soundcloud.com/ronjolly/strata-design-tyler-czerny-prez-rob-summer-nmc-training-services-12-10-18mp3




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