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We Love Awards

Safety is our top priority here at Strata Design! When our Team received 2 Safety Awards in the 2020 Safety Awards Competition we think it’s a BIG deal! We received the Safety Improvement Recognition Award and the Zero Lost Time Accident Achievement Award. Both awards were given to Strata Design because our team reached 20,000 to 99,999 work hours without accidents! Thank you AWI and Federated Insurance for sponsoring these competitions. We celebrated our team with these fun new hoodies that say “Stay Calm and Build On” Appropriate for 2020 don’t you think? Check them out below!

AWI 2020 Convention is a Wrap.

The 2020 AWI convention was the 1st Virtual Convention in AWI’s history. The AWI staff not only made it special but it went off with little technical difficulties. Strata Design’s very own, Tyler Cerny, has been the AWI President for 2020. He had the opportunity to give the State of the Association speech and handed the presidential gavel to the 2021 in coming president during the convention. As President and First Lady we were able to shape the convention a little and requested speakers who address perseverance, marriage and mental illness. All the speakers were Amazing! Not your typical woodworking sessions yet undoubtedly Timely!!

Although this convention was supposed to be at Lake Tahoe and went virtual, a handful of us were able to attend in person so we could check out next year’s venue. We are happy to announce it will be North of Houston at Margaritaville Resort in Lake Conroe. This venue was surprisingly very cool and will be a perfect spot for fall of 2021!

Although this convention was not what we planned or imagined, like so many disappointments this year, we found the silver linings and were thankful we were able to attend and include our family!! This whole experience has been humbling, exciting and unforgettable. As Tyler’s wife and business partner, I am very proud of how Tyler was able to juggle being president of our company and president of AWI in a year that experienced a global pandemic and a very uncertain economy. A true testament to his determination and leadership. Well Done! Praying continued success as we finish out the year!

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Counting our Blessing

1st Virtual Happy Hour with our office staff

Monday we had our 1st virtual Happy Hour with all of our office employees that have been working from home since the ‘Stay Home Stay Safe’ order was implemented back in March. It was great to ‘see’ everyone again and catch up in a more relaxed way. We had good reason to celebrate as we received our Payroll Protection Plan Loan that morning. (We didn’t realize that these funds for small businesses would run out by the end of the week) This loan guarantees that we will be able to pay our employees, our rent and utilities regardless how the Covid-19 Pandemic effects our economy.

We spent the day ‘meeting’ with each of our shop employees via Zoom from our Home Office. We asked how they were handling the pandemic, how were their families and how did they feel about coming into work? They and their families were all doing very well. They felt safe coming to work because Jeff, our General Manager, was cleaning hourly and has been following stringent safety measures. They felt extremely blessed and grateful to be working.

Here are just a few comments:

Grateful for being one of the few Americans that are able to work. Office staff are really supporting us on the floor while they are home – C.M.

Thankful to actually have a job as so many of my friends don’t. – C.B.

No concerns coming to work & happy to be back to work after a short layoff. – E.M.

Happy to be working and know we will get through this. – N.B.

Thankful to get up every morning and go to work. – D.S

It would be tough to go through the unemployment process right now regardless if they get the extra money. – D.S

We closed the the beginning of 2020 as our Best 1st Quarter to date, even despite the start of the Covid-19 Pandemic in the middle of March. During the virtual meeting with each employee, we discussed the details of the successful quarter and informed them that we Would be depositing their profit sharing checks into their accounts this Friday! For the past 3 years we have enjoyed giving back to our employees by participating in a robust Rolling Quarterly Profit Sharing Program. We feel extremely grateful and blessed to be able to continue the program during this unprecedented time!

Deemed Essential Business during this Covid-19 Pandemic

We are excited, blessed, and even on edge to be a mostly essential business! A handful of our projects are shut down right now but we are performing work to quickly supply over 10 hospitals and medical clinics with cabinets, counter tops and nurse stations so that they can get up and running. They are working quickly to get these beds available before a future spike and some are going to help with long term solutions to challenges we are running into now in our hospitals.

We are thankful that all of our office employees are able to complete their job functions remotely from the safety of their homes such as our Estimators, Project Managers, Engineers and Bookkeepers. We are proud of our IT team that didn’t miss a beat and quickly to set them up with all the needed tools to do their work remotely by connecting to our server. We had just recently switched to a web based ERP system for estimating, purchasing, inventory management, scheduling, job tracking, thank goodness we made that move when we did! Everyone is staying connected with video conferencing by using Teams and Zoom. For our incredible employees who are coming in to our plant, we can’t say enough good things and how proud and thankful we are! To keep them safe we have put strict measures in place by thoroughly cleaning work stations several times a day and our shop is large enough that we are able to keep great distances between their work areas.

Thank you for supporting us so we can in turn support our health care facilities!

Practicing Social Distancing with markings on the floor

Christmas Lunch


Our Annual Christmas lunch was a success!  We grilled marinated Flank Steak with sautéed mushrooms, baked potato bar, homemade Caesar salad and yummy pies.  We had fun watching which gift each employee choose from a wide assortment of gifts.  Laughter was had by all.  Thankful for the blessings this year has brought and looking forward to what New Year will bring!


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