Deemed Essential Business during this Covid-19 Pandemic

We are excited, blessed, and even on edge to be a mostly essential business! A handful of our projects are shut down right now but we are performing work to quickly supply over 10 hospitals and medical clinics with cabinets, counter tops and nurse stations so that they can get up and running. They are working quickly to get these beds available before a future spike and some are going to help with long term solutions to challenges we are running into now in our hospitals.

We are thankful that all of our office employees are able to complete their job functions remotely from the safety of their homes such as our Estimators, Project Managers, Engineers and Bookkeepers. We are proud of our IT team that didn’t miss a beat and quickly to set them up with all the needed tools to do their work remotely by connecting to our server. We had just recently switched to a web based ERP system for estimating, purchasing, inventory management, scheduling, job tracking, thank goodness we made that move when we did! Everyone is staying connected with video conferencing by using Teams and Zoom. For our incredible employees who are coming in to our plant, we can’t say enough good things and how proud and thankful we are! To keep them safe we have put strict measures in place by thoroughly cleaning work stations several times a day and our shop is large enough that we are able to keep great distances between their work areas.

Thank you for supporting us so we can in turn support our health care facilities!

Practicing Social Distancing with markings on the floor
1645 Park Dr
Traverse City, MI 49686
Phone: 231-929-2140
Fax: 231-929-4958
Email: [email protected]